Daffodils in Dartmouth

Daffodils in Dartmouth

Parsons Reserve, Dartmouth MA

When you are a town employee for almost 14 years and many of your co-workers grew up in said town, you come to feel like an integral part of the community even without living there.

Such being the case, I was so pleasantly surpised to learn of a large field of daffodils not too far from my work for the first time this spring. It is owned by the Town's Natural Resources Dept., having been given as a gift by the former owner of the property.

I have gone there twice in the last couple of weeks - the first time only about half of the daffodils were blooming and the second time more like 85 percent. After walking up a hill through the woods, there is a nice wooden bench to sit on and big field of daffodils that have been planted with empty rows left for walking between them. One other visitor there guessed it was about an acre in size.

Daffodils closeup in Dartmouth

Photos by Sharani

So many flowers all together amongst the trees and wooded area are stunning in their impact. The sheer number of daffodils creates a sunny sea of yellow cheerfulness. While I often subscribe to the opinion that good things often come in small packages, this is a case where a large quantity and scope makes a much more impressive visual impact.

I took some photos of the daffodil field called Parsons Reserve and they can be viewed at my gallery album.

Discovering this treasure for the first time feels like a real gift of spirit to me. I envision that a spiritual seeking and gratitude for the divine in natural beauty opened the door to learning of this precious flower oasis. I cherish it immensely and am grateful for these delights that seem to stem from a God-focused life.

Other Bountiful Quantities of Flowers

In August 2004, Ashrita Furman set a Guinness World Record for the world's largest bouquet. It was made of 101,791 roses and was offered in honor of Sri Chinmoy's 73rd birthday.