Transit Passengers in the Sky

the moon

At 6 a.m. I brought a friend to the airport and got home with plenty of time to spare before heading in to work. The prior night's full moon, called the Snow Moon according to my Susan Branch calendar, still shone brightly as I picked her up in the dark.

As I headed home from the airport a half hour or so later, I was treated to the moon and sun's overlapping presence in the sky. The moon lingered, delaying its curfew so that it could watch the paintbrush technique of the sun as the sky's blush began. Darkness still played bodyguard to the moon and its yet full round majesty parallelled the sunrise's emerging splendour.

sunrise at Osamequin Marsh in Rhode Island

Underneath their finery, I think the sun was doing jumping jacks towards Heaven and the moon readied for a game of hide and seek.

Watching the play of the two together around me as I returned home, I offered a small moment of thanks that my early morning errand allowed me to watch these transit passengers in the sky. Their juxtaposition made each the more beautiful than either one alone could have ever been.