Sri Chinmoy's Book About Angels

Have you ever seen an angel or felt its presence? Do you feel that you have a guardian angel? I do believe in them but cannot say that I have in-depth awareness of their presence in my life.

Angels by Sri Chinmoy

When I want to ponder the role of angels in my life, there is a book about angels which greatly increases my appreciation and understanding of them. This perennial favorite title of mine by Sri Chinmoy is called Angels. I own it as an audiobook read by the author as well as a small gift book published by the Jharna-Kala Card Company. Its unique and perceptive commentary on the subject of angels remains unsurpassed in my opinion.

Passages from the Book

The touch of an angel is my
passport to my heart's freedom-joy.

My guardian angel is my most
admirable and adorable medium
of God-communication.

When my meditation is
extremely deep, I clearly see that
my guardian angel chariots my
heart from paradise to paradise.

My guardian angel repeatedly
tells me that I do not have to
remain a prisoner of my fate.

When God swiftly wants to
offer me His blessingful Hand,
he always employs an angel.