With the inspiration to greet the sunrise over the water on the morning of my birthday, I was quite delighted to find the weather fully cooperated.

This tradition of greeting my birthday's beginning with a sunrise meditation found me delighted to encounter Sri Chinmoy's series of daily prayers called My God-Hunger-Cry included a prayer about the sunrise written on my birthday.

My God-Hunger-Cry prayer for October 3, 2006

No surprise, no surprise, no surprise!
God comes to me at each sunrise.
-Sri Chinmoy

Last year, thick fog over the water prevented a sunrise over the marsh although I meditated and took photos in a less foggy area. This year my east-facing destination over a marsh featured a clear sky - just dew and mist shimmering above the water. Synchronizing oneself with the morning sunrise imparts a feeling of healing and contentment. After watching the sunrise, the day can unfold while carrying the beauty of the dawn inside your heart. With Sri Chinmoy's glorious poem, the sunrise can also symbolize the eternally present beckoning of God's sweetest love for His creation.

sunrise1sunrise2 photo by Sharani





Photos by Sharani taken at sunrise on my birthday at Osemequin Marsh in Rhode Island.