Of Fireworks, Forgiveness and a Magical Sunset


A Fireworks photo I took last summer on Martha's Vineyard

Last Saturday I dallied in the revelry of a gorgeous spring day - the first warm sunny day here in New England in as long as I can remember. Our never-ending drizzly, rainy, cold weather had me starting to wonder if I had moved to Seattle or London. (Please forgive me my friends who live in these two places!) To finally receive a day of warmth and sunshine was cherished all the more for its absence of late.

As the sun set, I snapped a few photos around my house and in the yard and then set off for a sunset walk in the neighborhood. The breeze still felt warm, the sky was pretty in pink, the birds were chirping a loud chorus - in happiness it seemed for this rare taste of true spring. By the time I came back home, the birds were quiet, a hush of stillness in its place - night had fallen.

The night before I watched fireworks out my kitchen window with delight. I found out afterwards that they were shot off at McCoy Stadium where the minor league team plays baseball. I wrote the following poem as I bundled up with words my immense satisfaction.

Last night I heard
the fireworks thunder
before I found them
peaking on tiptoe
over the kitchen curtain
tinsel and confetti
flowers in the sky
roof tops and bare branches
framing their exclamation

I held the magic of dusk
floating between my fingertips
while birds erupted
in a finale of gladness
for gentle spring breezes
before night fell
and the Sun smoothed the edges
of its crimson sky sleeve

I felt the taffy pull
of sweetness
inside my heartbeat
before my Lord's
sacred Footfall
Forgiveness arrival
saved my fettered life