Moon Rise

After a day where the computer was my very own pet "ball and chain," I finally ventured out of the house to do a quick errand

and buy a new battery for my cordless telephone at the Radio Shack store only a short drive from my house. When I pulled up in the shopping plaza, I discovered the store was gone having been replaced by a Coldstone Creamery Ice Cream shop. While this brand of ice cream has its laudable merits, the cooler fallish weather meant I was not in the mood for ice cream and had me none too thrilled for my phone battery errand to be fruitless.

The sun had just set by the time I got back to my house so I decided to drive down a couple of blocks to watch the last remnants of what looked like must have been a beautiful sunset indeed. I didn't get out of my car, just sat and looked out over the marsh and river drinking in the pink hued light that dappled on the water and tinged the sky like cotton candy.

I couldn't linger because soon I would attend a meditation meeting at our local Sri Chinmoy Centre.  However, as I headed back up the hill to my house my vision was arrested by an almost full moon rising in the sky still fairly close to the horizon. My discouragement at a fruitless errand evaporated and I was so happy to see my venture out and about had brought me in tandem with the moon.Moonrise

Not even familiar with the proper manual settings on my camera for capturing the scene (my automatic setting was producing blurry pictures even with the night setting), I just experimented and got a few pictures that hint at the majesty that rose before my eyes.

Nature never fails to impart depth and meaning in my sometimes less than compelling routine and daily melee. So with my memories resurfacing from childhood, where an upright player piano in the basement cranked out tunes from dotted rolls of paper fed to its interiors, I'm remembering one song that started "By the light of the silvery moon... your silver beams will bring love dreams - or at least something like that went the lyrics...

Moon Rise in East Providence






Photos by Sharani